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More Computer Worries

Work yesterday turned from 2 hours into 6 hours. Afterwards, I only showered and fell into bed at 6 p.m.. Slept till this morning. Sometimes, I hate being so low on energy.

Checked out the warranty information for my laptop and it turns out there is only a 90 manufacturer's warranty. Now, to get the thing checked out, I have to fork over $50 in fees plus postage to California (and probably back). I should gave bought a laptop from a place that gives decent warranty terms, but I couldn't afford that at the time.

Considering what it cost in the first place, I could end up paying as much as the laptop cost in the first place to have it fixed. I could always have it fixed by a local dealer, seeing that the warranty is void as is, but there is no one in the city who does laptop repairs. Found that out what the predecessor of the dell started spewing smoke and smelling of fried plastic. Since the laptop died after Christmas and my birthday, I spent most of my Christmas money on other stuff, mostly DVDs. I wish I had known earlier that I'd need a new laptop.

There is always getting a desktop PC, although I don't like them very much, but I don't need a very powerful machine, so I might find a used one somewhere. During NaNo, someone posted the addy of a supposedly reputed place selling used machines over the net. The one I looked at so far has some cheap ones, but what to do with all of 300Mb harddrive? My very first computer didn't have harddrive at all. you had to run everything off floppy disk, but my parents bought that one in the late 80ties.

ETA: So I phoned a acquantaince who used to have a computer shop and asked his avice. He said it might be the fan and I checked and the fan really isn't running. Should have noticed that and saved the time and energy for the phone call, not to mention taking up the guy's time. The bad thing however is that even after cleaning the fan thourougly, it still isn't running.
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