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Life and Fic update

Last week was an exhausting one and between watching old DW episodes and sleeping, the weekend was over before I got anything done.

Work is a source of minor frustration. It's a lot more than two hours an afternoon. It's more like six with having to stay until everyone is done and coming up and planning activities. And, I still get very tired. But since I will have to work somewhere one day, it's still good training, I suppose.

Right now, I have too many things I want to do and too little time and the academic year hasn't even started yet. Another week of freedom to enjoy! I just have to finish Past Present this week or it's never going to happen. Night Falls Fast is currently on ice and I might delete it from again (not that anyone was reading, really), because there are some things that just don't work about this crossover (and it involves alternate universe(s) and time travel). I know why I tossed a draft of that story a few years ago, before Atlantis came on. Also, working on various challenge related ficlets.

Quite a bit of my writing inspiration came from a meeting with a few other people in the area who have done NaNoWriMo and are still working on their novel or other projects. We met for the second time this month and are planning another meeting in a few weeks. The original group has dwindled down quite a bit, during NaNo and especially after, but the current group is really great. POV, the topic of our last meeting was quite interesting. I have a lot of trouble sticking to a POV throughout an entire fic. I usually change it at least every chapter. While there are apparently books just like that, someone brought Die Süße des Lebens to the meeting and we read some of the different POVs, I found it a bit irritating. I have gotten the same feedback at times, people finding the many POVs confusing. For my new story, The Lost, I'm trying to stick to as few POVs as possible. I started out with one, but realized that I could only tell part of the story from her POV. I usually write fics that have many different threads that play out at the same time in different places, making it difficult telling the story from just one character's view. I am trying this in Night Falls Fast, with SGA!John's POV, but that's part of the problem I'm having with the cross-over. Using an SGA character to tell the story leaves a lot about the Taelon's evil schemes confusing.

Random note: I thinking of getting a nurie (stress relief colouring book). Sounds stupid, but I like the idea :)
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