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I might not be crazy, but I have to think about that some more

I finished my testing last week and had the final meeting with the autism specialist yesterday.

There was a lot he said, but basically he said that the treatment, that I have been getting the last few years, was based on a diagnosis he thinks is false. He recommded I make a new start, working with a different psychiatrist, different meds and behavioural therapy. He set my up with appointment with a female psychiatrist who works with both children and adults. I'm going to see her next week, so I can talk things over from the med side.

I'm a bit overwhelmed and more than a little insecure about what to do. I will talk to the psychiatrist in any case, but beyond that I have no idea. Most of what the specialist said makes sense. He addressed many problems I talked to him about including my academic problems, depression, diffculty at work and explained how they are linked to autism and ADD and how different meds and therapy could help me.

It is comforting that have someone say I'm not stupid for not being able to study or read well.

In an unrelated note.

The company that delivers my groceries seems to be out of just about wverything. Still, there is major convenience in getting groceries delivered.

I made raw vegan fudge today. Yum!
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