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"If it were that easy, we could all be free of this nasty world"

I agreed to try a new treatments strategy without anti-psychotics or anti-depressants. We'll keep the Lamictal around for now and add Ritalin for ADD.

I had a brief try of Ritalin last year, but it made me crazy. I mentioned this and we agreed to try Ritalin again first, but if that doesn't work try another ADD med. But I had to agree to go back to the hospital, at least for a short time for coming off the anti-psychotics. I do not like the idea as I truly hated the place the last time, but there seems no getting around it. On the upside (if there is one as far as psych hospitals are concerned), she is trying to get me a spot with the same open program I was with in 2005. While there was hours of boring therapy stuff, like painting, drumming and 'talking about our feeling' in group therapy, the room are fairly pretty and large, there is a kitchen and free time every day to go into town, the computer room or the park. I guess I could get stuck in a worse place.

I'm don't know when I'm going, I will find out when they have a spot in the next few days. I will have to get ahead with my work for school. I can always get an extension if needed, but I'd rather get things submitted on time.

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