Illman (illman) wrote,

"I sense you are not open to art therapy yet"

I'm getting better at tuning out when the various therapists go about sprouting non-sense that would be pretty funny if I weren't stuck in here. I get the urge to strangle someone only once or twice a day.

The prospect of a free afternoon got ruined by the art therapist who wants me to "come and explore" this afternoon. I would rather explore wraithbait or even

I have some more concentration and memory tests coming up next Tuesday and hopefully after that some one will finally tell me if there going to be any chances with my meds or not. I hate waiting around, but that's one of the main passtimes around here.

To make time pass faster, I got a bunch of books from the city library yesterday and bought yarn for scarf #2. The first one is now almost 10 feet long. I have no idea what to do with that monster. I can hardly wear it to work. The kids are already amused over my bright blue and highlighter-yellow shoes. I wasn't really looking for shoes like that, but they were the only leather-free sneakers I could find in town.

Apparently it's obvious to where I sneak off when I'm not in my room - the nurse just found my in the computer room to remind me to actually go to therapy. Have to go now!
Tags: hospital, knitting

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