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It's been a long weekend

I gor home on Friday evening to spend the weekend at home. We had increased my hormon meds that morning and promptly the bone pain strated to get worse. It has been almost gone with the lower dosage. First, I tried Voveran (the med I have been prescribed for the bone pain). At the max daily dosage, it didn't do anything and by Saturday morning I could hardly move. I phoned the hospital, they told me to come by. Saturday evening, I finally left with enough codeine to see me over the weekend. But I got pretty sick from it, or possibly the combination from my other meds. I fell alseep Sunday morning and slept for a few hours. When I got up for lunch, I noticed that my memory and concentration were shot to hell. I kept forgetting what day it was and what I had been doing. So, I called the hospital again and the told me to come in again. They said that the problems were probably due to reducing one of my anti-psychotics too fast. I got another dose in the afternoon and the old dosage again in the evening. Right now, I'm doing okay. They also gave me something else for the pain, no idea what it was, but it has helped. I made the way to the computer room. I think I have caught up with lj and my email, but if I still owe anyone a reply, I'm sorry.
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