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Of course I stayed up to watch

Worked most of the day on an essay on plate tectonics and the required diagramme. Not my favourite subject. Every time I read the term Pacific Ring of Fire, I'm getting serious flashbacks to one of likethekoschaka's stories. I don't remember which one or what exactly the main plot was, only that a gun somehow ended up under Sheppard's mattress and it goes off at the worst possible moment, winging John's ass and mutilating his Johnny Cash poster. *shakes head*. This is what work does to my mind.

Totally unrelated, but I think I have a new favourite fruit - pitaya. Related to the pitahaya, but much more yummy! I blew this week's grocery budget at Orkos, my favourite on-line grocer. The family is less pleased about the frige full of salaks, sapotes, tamarillos and other assorted fruit. Oh well.

I'm watching Daleks in Manhatten right now and so far its the least interesting episode of the season. I hated Gridlock, but it least it was original, although not in a good way, IMHO at least. I love the Daleks, but I'm starting to think that we are a bit over them by now. I mean, how many times can they try to enslave the free universe? Not to mention they were wiped out several times already.

ETA and even more random. Naming your OC 'Okay', not a smart move.

ETA2 This fic (seriouly NC-17, so keep away those of you with innocent minds) melted my mind. Can you seriously picture John Sheppard utter the phrase ' “I've never had inter-species sex before.”'? Not to mention the dark green nipple. Oh noes.
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