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Not much news

Maybe it's because I overdid it the past week (at least by my standards) or because of upping amoxetine and going off cymbalta, but I haven't been up to much the last two days. I did come to the not very surprise realization that most of day time TV is truly bad, although I had some fun watching soap operas with the sound turned off while making up my own dialogue. Yes, I'm easily amused but at least there was some creative effort involved.

I have some thoughts, a quite a few actually, about tonights Doctor Who, but I'm feeling pretty crappy and Bro is already complaining because, allegedly, he can hear me type on the next floor!

And, in an unrelated note, summer has officially started ;-) J, the next door neighbour, has broken out the camouflage net and the deck chairs and has set up shop on the roof of his garage.
Tags: random, rl

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