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Website Woes - WWOMB, FanLib, YTDAW

Anyone having problems with WWOMB since they revamped the archive? Mainly, not being able to actually read the stories? I tried IE after it wouldn't load the page right with Opera, but still no go. YTDAW working normally? I haven't been there in ages, but I have been getting heaps of Topic Update Notifications. When I tried to log in to find out what was going on, I couldn't. Since I wasn't so sure that I had the pw right, I had them send me a new one, but it never arrived. Anyone heard of FanLib before? Any thoughts? It sounds lilke an interesting concept, combining fanfiction, fanart and communities like that. Plus I like all the filtering options and the quick list function. It's very graphics heavy, to the point where I found it difficult to read the story summaries. Still, there is a low graphics view. Much easier on the eyes. And what are Embed Flash Badges on LiveJournal and MySpace pages?

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