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Books, Papers and Frustration

Apologies first, I haven't been around too much the last two-something weeks, because between school (two paper due earlier this week) and work (for some reason one of my co-workers can't find any other time to schedule driver's ed), all I seem to do is eat, work out and sleep.

Also apologies to the wonderful artists whose vids I host, my credit card expired without me noticing, so streamload/mediamax suspended my account a few days ago. Everything's fixed now.

To top off a week of academic frustration, I had another ADD assesment today and scored horribly again. It's not exactly news that I have the attention span of a fruit fly, but after all the sucky-ness Strattera should at least by working...just a tiny bit would be nice :-/

I haven't booked tickets to get to Nottingham yet and in fact haven't even decided yet whether to go by plane or bus. Bus is cheaper and I don't like to fly anyways, but it takes forever and I get seasick on the ferry. In an ideal world, I'd be taking the train, but I can't afford that. It's more expensive than flying and that's expensive enough considering that I have two broken laptops in need of repair.

I'm probably going to have at least the less broken laptop checked out at a repair shop next week to get an idea how much it would cost to have it fixed. It seems that the background lighting of the display is the only thing that's broken, or at least the only thing I need to have repaired. The DVD drive and the built-in speakers are gone too, but I can live with that. I could just about afford a new laptop after I get paid for the quarter, but I'm attached to this one. I don't want to set up and install everything again on new machine.
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