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Tutorial yesterday went fine

- although I had a craptastic headache by the time I finally got home, so I fell straight into bed and slept for almost 12 hours which is pretty long for me these days. Except yesterday when I had to get up early, I almost managed to fall asleep over my oatmeal.

I should be getting started with something productive like fine-tuning my presentation or getting on with reading, but I really don't feel like it, besides it occured to me that although Sis had powerpoint, I don't have any software to draw the pretty molecules. I really want to make some icon or watch Doctor Who or Supernatural or even CSI, but no laptop. I could of course plug my external hd into Sis' computer...

I might actually do that since I'm too beat to do anything that requires active participation.

Totally random side note: What really annoyed me is when okay is written OK in a book. That's just crappy.
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