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Tomorrow is a million years away

I'm not sure if I can call today a lazy day or not. I did no work for school (figured that I deserved a day of rest, especially since I've realized that there is still almost 3 months of school to go), but my father has once again decided to clear out the basement, something which happens every few years but never goes anywhere since none of us manages to throw any of the junk/art/heirlooms away. Most of the stuff goes back to my great-grandfather who was an artist and did an awful lot of paiting, drawing and also made some sculptures. The only thimy ng that got thrown away today was a bunch of old VHS tapes. The three lovely busts of my great-grandfather, my great-grandmother and my grandmother as child are still sitting on the now empty cabinet. I figure they are going to last a few more generations ;-)

Going to see Dr.S-D tomorrow. I don't want to (as always) and I really want to tell her that I just want to stop trying things. Somehow, I tried that the last time, but I just ended up getting pissed off and we had the same discussions we have been having for two years (which we had avoided for the last few months). I still have to email Dr. F who also thinks I'm in need of his help/therapy. But for a few months now, I've been feed up with it all.

But right now, some sleep sounds like a nice idea. Preferably without the nasty dreams.
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