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PSA - Mediamax Screwed Up Again

Mediamax has done it again! Some, actually quite a few, of my hosted files, including from the SGA and individual vidder's section. have gone missing. Many thanks to derry667 who informed me of the problem. I'm very sorry if you've had trouble accessing the vids lately.. It's unfortunatly eaten all my copies of the affected files, even those stored not in the hosted sections. No one from mediamax/streamload is getting back to me *sigh*. I don't know what to say. I was hoping this would straighten itself out quickly, but it doesn't look likely at the moment.

I'll try to contact support again, seeing as they have mentioned problems with the Customers Support in their blog. I'll keep you posted. I really hope the files can be recovered, I don't know since I have no idea how they get 'lost' in the first place :(
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