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Nothing New Really

My cold turned out to be bronchitis which I'm slowly getting over. Still dizzy and rather anxious.

Thanks to a public holiday on Wednesday, the school was closed for a long weekend and I only missed one day of work and one evening of class at the community college. I'm not sure my exam preparation is going anywhere, because although I study quite a lot, it just doesn't seem to 'come together' very much. I'll probably have a go at some old exam papers next week and see if that help. Unfortunatly I don't have the answers to those. Right now, I'm busy scribbling my self-compiled index into the back of one of my textbooks. It's open book and annotations in the blank pages at the back are allowed. After working through the specimen exam paper, I figured the time would be well spent as some of the questions were basically about stuff that's found in a single paragraph.

The project I submitted at the beginning of the week (and was so glad to have finally finished) failed to make its way over to England (it was due on Friday, I think), so I'm potentially failing one of my course. (at least I have proof of posting, even though I can't seem to track the darned thing via the internet). Need to straighten that out next week and find out what went wrong.

I wish I had time for TV right now. I really must have a memory like a sieve because some of the season openers didn't make any sense to me and made me wonder what happened in the episodes I seem to have missed. Especially Bones, Criminal Minds and CSI:Miami, haven't seen SGA, SPN, WaT and CSI yet.)
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