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My ears are still bleeding....

...from the performance of the school choir at the school yard christmas sale. Aside from the performance (and thank god there was no play), the whole thing was pretty well done. It was nice to see some of my students actually being good at something. Some of the hand-made items they sold weren't all that hideous and a few were acrually pretty. I normally wouldn't have been at the school on a day off, but Sis is also in search of an internship. Her high-school is making her do one. She originally wanted to do an internship at the local hospital or at a physical therapist's, but unless you know someone who works in the field, it's next to impossible to get one. So, after a lot of unanswered phone calls from local businesses, I thought she could do an internship at my school. We met with the headmaster during the school yard sale and it looks like she is going to get to trail the social worker for a week. Doesn't sound like fun, but I never wanted to go into education either and still ended up there :-)

Bro got an offer for an internship at the place he went to interview last week. He has another interview (with a different company) today.

The withdrawals at least for now have decreased in their evilness. I still feel very 'blah', but I'm not jumping out of my skin anymore. I'm in the right mood to lie in bed and start working on the pile of books that I have been saving to read since the start of the previous academic year. I read maybe five books since February, including a couple by Matthew Reilly. I think it is amazing that he ever got published since his books are rubbish, but they are the kind of amusing rubbish that people seem to buy. Maybe that's his secret ;-)

Ordered a bunch of pretty Christmas cards today as couldn't find any that didn't look like from five years ago at the local store/post office/bank. I've started to make a list of presents and tallied up a budget, which however relies on either getting back what certian family members owe me or borowing from other family members until I get paid in January. I've probably said it before, but being paid quarterly just sucks.
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