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Last Week

I definitely over-exerted myself last week. I'm feeling restless like I rarely do these days and when I do, it's usually because I did too much over a period of several days. I did write about 5000 words per day the last four days, just to finish my latest story before the deadline. I have a few more stories in my head, some already sketched out, but after over a month of sustained heavy-duty writing, I think I should let things rest for a few days at least. Maybe finally watch the DW episodes I haven't seen yet. I still haven't seen the last four episodes of series three (of the new series) and there are still quite a few episodes from the first and second doctor I haven't seen yet.

After a hard week, I decided to splurge at orkos and ordered some of my favourite fruit, including pitayas and medjool dates. These particular dates are actually cheaper than at the health food store in town. However you can only buy them by the kilo from Orkos. Still, they keep for quite a while in the fridge and I just love them as a sweet snack :-)
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