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Books, Work and Gifts - The Holiday Crisis Is Brewing

I did a count today. I have a total of 38 unread books lying around. And one guess what I'll probably getting for Christmas? More books! I'm just not much of a reader - too short attention span, at least when I'm not on the ADD meds (all of which have so far made me feel yucky)

At the moment, I feel pretty overwhelmed. With everything. Work was a nightmare today. It wasn't so much the kids, as my own nerves that were putting me on edge. And I feel bad for noz being able to handle a part-time job better.

I'm trying to unwind by watching TV and listening to music, but it's not working too well. I won't be going to French class because there is nobody around to drive me and I don't want to take the bus given that it is both cold and raining.

In the matter of my winter boots, I've learned today that the shop actually called a day or so after I ordered from them, but my father neglected to pass on the message to me and can't remember what it said now. But they have gotten back to me via email, so with any luck this will sort itself out. I could use my winter boots around now, because my only other pair of shoes or neither warm nor water-proof. The books I got for my father arrived this morning. I was unpacking them in the living room when my mother commented that one of the books we apparently inherited as part my grandfather's extensive collection of books and the other, a biography, is about a politician he apparently doesn't like. So, I'm returning those tomorrow and will pick out something else tomorrow.

Right now, it seems all too much to do before the holidays :-/ So far, the yearly holiday depression hasn't hit me yet, I'm just stressed out. Let's hope it stays that way.
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