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Old Sci-Fi and New Sci-Fi

After several failed attempts to get my mother into Stargate, Babylon 5 and Doctor Who, I wasn't holding out much hope for Raumpatrouille Orion (short-lived German sci-fi series from the sixties). But much to my surpise, when I pulled out the DVDs I had rented on New Year's Eve, we both loved it and watched three episodes in a row :-)

It's totally cheap (we never even got to see the evil aliens they are fighting and the sets seem to have been assembled out of household appliances) and there are more science mistakes than I could ever point out, but it's kind of cool. In a very retro-ish way. Shame there are only seven episodes. Seen four so far, and I can't wait for them to send me the second DVD. It's nice to be this excited about TV once again.

Meanwhile, I'm about two-thirds through SGA S3 and after hating the first two episodes, isn't so bad after all. Not as good as the previous two seasons, but I have seen far worse (and enjoyed it - see Torchwood). I actually liked the mid-season two parter although I needed to watch the second part more than once to figure out what that 'rewind' sequence was supposed to be. My first thought was that they'd gone back in time (too much Doctor Who?) which would actually have been a nice thing to see, if only to see Rodney brag about it to Sheppard ;-)

There were some lose ends during the season so far that I'd have liked to have seen tied up (although they might in the season finale - I'm pretty much spoiler free except for the odd bit here and there). Shame about Kolya though. But if he is anything like Sergei (on Oernen), a little bit of death won't make too much of a dent in his plans for galactic domination. Okay, so Sergei only wanted to topple democracy in Denmark...but he came back from the dead. At any rate, the writers seem to be incapable of killing off anyone properly if the trailers for the rest of S4 are anything to go by. And they never did kill Ford (at least we didn't seem him die, although I don't think he will be back any time soon).
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