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Misc News

  • The mechanic finally came by yesterday.

  • He had bad news, the washing machine is broken beyond repair.

  • Pay still hasn't arrived. (While I was checking my bank statements from 2007, I found at that they took until end of January2007 to wire the pay for the last quarter of 2006 :-/ )

  • I'm going back on the ADD meds (watch me bounce off the walls)

  • I finally fixed that clogged drain (which apparently was my fault because I have rather long hair)

  • WITB was awesome (finally got around to watching)

  • I hope Torchwood will be just as awesome.

  • I'm giving one of Orkos' competitors a try. They have a much smaller selection, but better prices on what they do have. Pay better arrive before that bill is due.

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