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I have been fairly absent the last few days...

my apologies for being a bad lj friend

The semester is about to start, and I'm back on the ADD meds. I had forgotten how yucky they make me feel. My head feels like it's about to explode and I haven't really eaten or slept much the last few days. Danm Ritalin. I skipped the pills today though, because I need to sleep.

My shipment from Tropical Foods arrived today and I can't say that I'm entirely happy. The mangoes are delicious - very sweet and the pineapple and papaya look and smell good too, but what am I supposed to do with 3 lbs of guavas? I'm not even sure how they are eaten! Same goes for the pomello. Juice it, maybe? And, what really ticked me off that instead of the avacodos I ordered, they simple sent me more mixed fruit. Without asking me about it. So far, Orkos seems like the better choice of the two. Better selection, better customer service, and lower shipping costs.

I also found a nice gadget that solves a computer problem of mine. Leland IV's predecessor died a mysterious and sudden death that didn't allow me to safe any data on it. Now I found a device that lets you connect a laptop hd to an usb port. I only hope that the old hd is still intact. There are quite a lot of writings and bookmarks that I would like to transfer.
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