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I just got my meds from the pharmacy. I could hardly believe how expensive they were. I paid just over €1000 or about $1450. Ouch. I do get the money back from the insurance, but I still have to pay up front. I did some quick maths and figured out that a day's dose of Abilify is over €10!

I better hurry up with my disability claim if I don't want to get thrown out of my parents' insurance. They already sent me the forms last year, without me even asking for them. It figures, with the claims I regularily submit ;-) But there is so much to fill out and so many records to submit. I still need to get my records from my time in Oxford somehow and I can't even recall the name of the doctor I went to in Oxford. Most of those years is pretty hazy, thanks to meds that totally weren't right for me. Oh well, at least I'm a lot better these days.

In other news, I did get some sleepm last night and am feeling much better than yesterday. Right now, I'm scouting around for a place to take French classes next semester as I'm still planning on taking the TCF exams sometime this year. I've decided to give up on the English classes. It really wasn't worth the effort and money, even though I had a really nice teacher and did learn some words (which I'll probably never need).
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