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RL, school and other boring necessities

Despite being rather busy with school work, I did go to the French conversation group last night. I was pretty tired and didn't stay too long, but it was much more fun than the French classes I took during the winter break. Downside is, that since it's not a class, it's just conversation, nothing else. Not that I like grammar at all, but that's exactly why I need to do some revising for the TCF. The academic bookstore in town has only some general grammar books, but nothing specifically geared at the TCF. Looks like I might have to order them from :-/

As for school, I've finished two out of the three assignments that are due soon-ish. Those two we were allowed to do on the computer (which I prefer, because it's much easier to correct mistakes or change bits without having to write the whole thing again). The other one we have to do by hand, which sucks because there are among other things graphs to be drawn. I'm not sure what the point is in making us to drawn the graphs by hand. I guess it is good practice for the exams and to be able to roughly sketch something while in the lab, but even there everyone uses computers to do the drawing. But, I've just finished my third version of the graphs and I'm pretty happy with this one. It's not due until the 29th, and I have already done most of the calculations, so I should be able to finish on time without too much stress. However as usual, I haven't managed to make the interactive stuff work on my computer. Sometimes switching the browser and using another computer does the trick, but sometimes its simply doesn't work no matter what.

The disability claim thing is on ice for the moment as I simply don't have time. I have roughly one year left - minus the two or three months that it apparently takes to get a decision, so I figure I should at least make up my mind if I really want to go ahead with it.
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