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Ugh, my brain hurts

After a day wasted in waiting rooms, on the bus and waiting in line at the pharmacy yesterday, I have some catching up to do before the weekend (which will entail revising stuff from the week and watching TV). I did get my assignment for S342 finished and submitted, I'm not happy with it - the calculations were easy enough, but I had the biggest trouble writing a summary of my findings in 200 words. Not enough words by far to mention everything that, in my opinion, needed to be said to answer the question. Will see how that goes. No idea how quick the marking goes. Some of my tutor in the previous years managed in less than a week while others didn't manage to return things before the next assignment (and in one case, not before the final exam a good six months later!)

Also, been to the gym again today. I've been going quite often since the semester started, mainly in the hopes it would help me sleep. Not sure it's working tough.

Seeing as I got my 'scripts for the next four weeks yesterday, I asked for 60mg Strattera to be put on there instead of the 80mg from last month. Got that no questions asked :-) Maybe it will make a difference, maybe it won't, but it probably won't hurt to give it a try. I'm definitely glad that all I have to these days is come in every month and get the prescriptions renewed.

Eventually, I will need to make up my mind about that disability claim and if I do decide to go ahead with it, I'll probably have to go and meet with their psychiatrist or whoever they are going to make me see to decide on my claim. I've been recced a 'guide book' on applying for the various disability benefits. I might ask my mother to get me a copy and mail it to me.

Might catch up on TV tonight, finish watching Ronin or do some writing.
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