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Weekend, where are you?

I can't say that this week has seemed longer than usual so far, but I'm already beyond exhausted and I'm not sure why. My TV backlog is growing steadily...but it's all a matter of priorities and one of my goals for this year is to keep up my surprisingly good grades from last year and school is going well enough, and even picked up some books for background reading, some of which seem to be actually interesting. How often does that happen ;-)

  • I've been a bit stressed out because my credit card suddenly stopped working last weekend and it took me some time to figure out why that happened and what to do about it. Since in the meantime my DVD rental fees and ebay fees (from selling some stuff last months) were due, I got some nasty emails which of course stressed me out even more. But I got my new card today, so all I need to do is figure out if there are any subscriptions where I have to change my payment details.

  • It's probably too early for a verdict on the new dosage of Strattera, but in any case, I haven't noticed anything yet. Might be a good thing :-)

  • Based on the advice I got from the French group, the DELF/DALF test might be more what I'm looking for - testing the ability to actually use the language in written and spoken form. But it does sound a lot harder to prepare for someone not attending any formal classes. I guess in the end, my choice will also depend on finding a testing center that I can get to without a car.

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