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TV Quotes Meme - The Resolution!

A few quotes haven't been guessed yet, so here are the answers:

1. "The hardest thing you'll ever learn is how to say goodbye." - Taken

3. "So where does that get us? A lover's quarrel?" - " After sex? Most people, you fight, and then have sex." - Law and Order

4. "I've been fired more times than I've been hired." - Crossing Jordan

7. "I don't even dream normally." - Numb3rs

8. "I am going to help you. I'm going to help you stop being a part of the problem." - 24

9. "Wait, what conspiracy? - "Well, it's basically a pact between the gray aliens and the secret rebel faction of the government intent on destroying the human race." - Without a Trace (I'm very surprised that no one guessed that quote!)

10. "I find very few people are scary once they've been poked in the eye." - Bones

15. " I really hate it when you get heroic. Cuts into my business. A man's got to earn a living you know." - Babylon 5
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