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As much as last week went by in a blink, this one is dragging on...

I didn't go to group last night. Instead I went to bed very early. For once I was actually able to sleep after I'd hardly slept the night before because of a bad migraine.

I don't have to be anywhere until this afternoon, so I'm using the morning to take care of some rl stuff. The wire transfer from my parents has come through, so I'm not so broke anymore and can finally get some not so necessary but still useful things like ink for my favourite pen, blank DVDs and batteries for my study/kitchen timer. What I really need to do is clean up a bit and take a bunch of cartons and old newspapers to be recycled.

I have redone my calculations for the s342 assignment. I have worked out everything the first questions asks for, but I'm not sure yet how to write it up, i.e. whether we need to derive the equations we use or can use them straight from the book. The second question I haven't tackled yet, except for jotting down some ideas, but I checked my calender, and the assignment isn't due for another month, so I have plenty of time and might have a few more insights along the way ;-)

L is still not done with her report (although it's due on Monday). We agreed that she can use the laptop while I'm working this afternoon. Somehow MS Word got screwed up and only starts in safe mode now and since I don't have the CD for it here, I can't reinstall it. But it still works, so I won't complain (too much.)

The SGA update is forthcoming, probably later today.
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