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How did anyone ever get anything done...

...before there were computers?

My access to the internet and to computers has been very sporadic the last few days. L is still writing her report on my laptop and it seems like she has managed not only to wreck WORD, but also to mess up my firewall :-( The deadline for her report has been moved back a few days, but I don't think I was very subtle when I stressed that I expect to have the laptop to myself again on Monday.

No laptop also means (mostly) no fic, no movies on DVD and no TV. I did write a short SGA piece based on a prompt that was posted to a mailing list and will post to my fic journal once I get things sorted.

Also, I have a headache that could turn into a migraine and it wouldn't be the first this week. All ín all, I had better weeks than this one. I think I'm going to lie down now.
Tags: computer, duh!, internet, rl

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