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Through joint effort, L finally finished her report last night. As glad as I am to have my dear laptop all to myself again, this also means that I have to get going on the computer work that I should have done over the weekend. But I'm still well on schedule with the next couple of deadlines. There is a break week coming up around Easter. Not that I will be going anywhere, but it will be nice chance to catch up on some of the more pleasant distractions in life.

By then, I should have decided which practical block or blocks I'm going to do this summer. I've done one of the three required practical blocks last year (and actually enjoyed it), and I have been thinking of doing two this year as they are a lot of work and I don't have so much to do this year unlike next year which should be much more busy with the project course which basically involves researching and writing a thesis. So I think it would be better to do both blocks this summer and just get it over with. The application deadline isn't until sometime around May, but if I want to do two blocks, I want to do them back to back.
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