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Total brain overload today. Can the week be over now, please?

I went in to work today even though I didn't have to, thinking it couldn't hurt to get a few more hours even though I already knew that I'd have school work to do after work. Big mistake. I should really know my limits better by now :-/ Better next time, right?

Mail delivery was the high point of the day so far, although TV might improve on that tonight (certainly hope so!). My books from arrived as did my groceries and it's even stuff I like for the most part. I am supposed to be getting stuff from Orkos tomorrow, but I'm not sure that is going to happen since while I got a call about my order, I didn't get any emails like I usually do, Maybe they don't do that if you order by phone. I have no idea. Hope it gets delivered anyways. If not, I'll still have something to eat, so I probably shouldn't worry too much.

It's just that when I'm in overload-mode, I tend to worry about everything while I know that it will most likely work out anyways.
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