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Yay, break week is upon us!

The work-week ended on a fairly satisfying note yesterday. I've finished and submitted the assignment that's due early next month already, I've been to the gym, paid phone and grocery bills and started to do some spring cleaning. I could have done worse, all in all. As for my plans for the break week, I'm not going anywhere and will probably spend the week holed up in my place in front of the laptop, catching up and TV and fic writing, hopefully with a couple of trips to the gym thrown in.

On an unrelated note, I'm very pleased to noticed that my effort to improve my French language skills are starting to pay off. Last night I got out the very first French-only DVD I've ever bought (Les Rivières Pourpres) and watched it for the first time in years - and I understood pretty much everything! I think it's time to get some French novels, preferably from the library, since I can't really afford to buy any books right now. They should have at least some of the classics. Otherwise, I've re-discovered the foreign language sections on I knew they existed since I've posted some fic there ages ago, but I'd never thought of them as a source for reading material for vocabulary building. If it weren't for the net!speak that would work out very well ;-)
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