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TV Meme

So my break week will be over in a couple of hours and what do I do, I fill out a

Favorite shows (what only three?!)
1. Stargate Atlantis
2. Doctor Who
3. Supernatural

Shows I loved as a kid
1. Star Trek TNG
2. Tatort

Favorite opening credits
1. Oernen
2. Earth Final Conflict
3. Babylon 5

Best WTF!?!? Moments
1. EFC - When Boone got killed at the end of season 1. Didn't see that coming at all.
2. SPN - When John died in the end of IMTOD
3. Oernen - When Sergej came back from the dead (well, sort of)

I cheered when
1. Without a Trace - AYNOHYEB, the affair was confirmed!
2.Oernen - Sergej came back from the dead (see above)
3. The Bill - Mickey came back.

I bawled my eyes out/sucked it up but felt sad when
1. Babylon 5 - End of season 4 (which by the way, I consider as the series finale)
2. Without a Trace - the scene with the ring in early season 2
3. DS9 - The Children of Time

I "Awwwww"d when
1. Without a Trace - Jack decides to go back to his family
2. Oernen - Hallgrim finally gives Marie the ring
3. B5 - Sheridan's Message to Delenn

Favorite characters
1. Stargate Atlantis - John Sheppard
2. Torchwood - Gwen Cooper
3. Earth Final Conflict - Lili Marquette

Favorite villains
1. Doctor Who - The Master (THE villain)
2. Oernen - Sergej (like the Master, he didn't let a little bit of death stop him)
3. Charmed - Cole Turner (hot-shot lawyer, king of the underworld and the perfect husband - that guy had talent. Never understood why he bothered with the Porsche though, he could just have shimmered across the city ;-)

Favorite secondary characters
1. Stargate Atlantis - Radek Zelenka
2. Stargate Atlantis - Carson Beckett
3. Mssing - Doug Mastriani

Crush-worthy characters
1. Stargate Atlantis - John Sheppard
2. Torchwood - Gwen Cooper
3. Without a Trace - Danny Taylor

Favorite romantic couples
1. Without a Trace - Sam and Jack
2. Torchwood - Gwen and Rhys
3. Missing - Nicole and Antonio

Favorite friendships
1. Stargate Atlantis - John and Rodney
2. Supernatural - Sam and Dean
3. The Persuaders - Brett and Danny

Characters I want to go on a magical fun adventure with
1. Doctor Who - the Doctor
2. Supernatural - Sam and Dean
3. Stargate Atlantis - the team

Fictional locations I most want to visit
1. Stargate Atlantis - Atlantis
2. Doctor Who - The TARDIS
3. Batman Animated Series - Gotham City

Funny lines
1. The Bill - Jack - "Let's just concentrate on staying out of prison, shall we?"
2. Crossing Jordan - Jordan - "I've been fired more time I've been hired."
3. Without a Trace - Sam - "Busy and unavailable, just the way I like men."

Shows I never watched but wish I had
1. Heroes
2. Lost
3. Spooks

Shows I wish more people had/would watch
1. Oernen
2. The Lone Gunmen
3. Vanished

Shows I own on DVD
1. Earth Final Conflict *hangs head in shame*
2. The Persuaders
3. Stargate SG-1

Favorite season finales
1. Babylon 5 - season 4
2. Stargate Atlantis - season 1
3. Without a Trace - season 1

Favorite series finales
1. Star Trek DS9
2. Life on Mars
3. Doctor Who (classic series finale, 1989)

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