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Random questions of the morning

How can you wake up with a hang-over without drinking anything? That always surprises me. This morning my mom gave me some money and told me to get something nice to wear. Since she know how much I hate shopping she handed me a heap of catalogues. I have no idea what to get. I agree with her that I could do with something new, the sleeves of most of my sweaters are coming apart and I've started borrowing stuff from my younger brother. His taste isn't much different from mine (well, he likes khaki which I don't) and we are virtually the same size. So I'll have to start looking through those catalogues sometime next week.
Parents are already fighting, I wonder where they get the energy for that this early? It's about the vacation again. My mom wants to go the Britain, dad wants to go hiking somewhere. Little sis wants to go to Italy. It's probably going to be the same as last year. Dad, mom and sis went to Austria and later in the summer dad went to France with my brother and me. Who cares I'm not that big on family vacation anyways. I guess I could visit J in Italy, that is if he doesn't get that gig in Britain. Sounds mean, but I hope he doesn't, he should finish high-school first. After all, he is turning 21 in September. It's his life.

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