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Life Update

  • I'm officially behind on my studies

  • Work was a killer this week

  • Did I mention I'm just not good with kids?

  • I'm so very much behind on TV

  • Pay for first quarter of 2008 still hasn't arrived

  • yay - I'm sleeping again

  • Tried to watch Dexter after having heard a lot of positive comments, but somehow didn't get much further than the first ten minutes

  • it's never a good idea to go and lie down during to commercial break

  • finally found printer paper that I can actually afford

  • orkos delivery for this week is nowhere to be seen so far, but my books arrived in record time

  • I have written a ton of fanfiction, but I can't seem to be bother to edit any of it

I'm sure there is more. I wish I could just relax and catch up on TV this weekend, but I really need to catch up on uni work.
Tags: misc, rl, uni

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