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There shall be more updated in the future

So sorry for not being around and not commenting as much as I usually do :-/ The new med dosage has really been messing with me as far as side effects go and I haven't been up to much as a result aside from stuff I really had to do (and not even all of that sometimes)

I got 86% and 97% on my last two assignments, despite not having finished all the material before starting the assignments. Still I hope I'll catch up in time. I've registered for my required residential school course, starting July 5 in Edinburgh. I still have to sort out transportation issues, but a quick search indicates that it will be much less of a problem than I thought it would be.
Fanfiction writing is going surprisingly well. But I always seem to write more when I'm not doing overly well. Strange how that works.
Two new shows have snuck their way in - Murder City (which although no longer airing still took up the better part of two days last week) and Dexter (still on the fence about it despite giving it a second chance. It's not just that it's a tad too graphic, it just has failed to 'click' so far). There are several more shows on the list of things to check out in the near future, if I ever find the time that is)
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