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TV Review: Murder City S01E01 - The Critical Path


A teenager girl from suburbia disappears, leaving behind a room covered in blood. A lovable mismatched duo, Susan Alembic and Luke Stone investigate, each trying to use their own approach with the result that Stone is thrown off the case of the missing girl. He investigates the murder of a trader instead who was seemingly killed by an invisible assassin. Stone, of course, think there had to be a rational explanation. Meanwhile, Susan Alembic struggles with the appearance of a psychic in her investigation, but while he isn't much help in finding the girl, he leads them to an old body buried in a field near the girl's house. Stone believes that the psychic is a liar and gives Susan his own ring, and asks her to tell the psychic that it is the girl's ring in order to trip him up. It seems to work, and the girl is found save and sound without his help. With some help, Stone has figured out how to get in and out of the building where the trader was murder without being seen and he sets out to test his 'critical path'. Alembic recalls something that psychic has told her about a path when she was testing him and asks him to try thhe ring again. He tells her that Stone is in danger. Alembic calls him and as Stone pulls out his cell phone, an arrow hits the spot where he was.

The Good:
a psychic who doesn't turn out to be a swindler. While he doesn't solve the case of the missing girl (although he is right in saying that she is alive), but he uncovers one murder and prevents another.
the critical path the murderer of the trader used to get in and out unseen. I think I saw something like this on Numb3rs before, but I'm not sure it was exactly the same thing
Stone, trying and at first failing to work out the critical path on his own - he's smart, but not a genius
both man characters - Alembic and Stone - were really likable and just mismatched enough to create some, but not too much tension.

The Weird:
the camera work - it seemed like they couldn't hold it steady for a minute. Fortunately that style was dropped in later episodes.
the cuts to the news feed

The Bad:
the very fake blood at the beginning. The couldn't have chosen a worse colour (well not really, it could have been green, like that CSI episode two weeks back) . I don't know what goat's blood looks like, but if it is this different from human blood, someone should have noticed.
the lack of logic regarding the disappearance of the girl. Just why did she pour blood all over her room before she ran off?!

Overall, very good episode, not my favourite though, but it got me sucked into the show, with the results that I spent two days watching all the episodes, Sometimes, I'm glad that not everything has/has such a long run as Doctor Who, Tatort or The Bill ;-)


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