Illman (illman) wrote,

Even Bad TV Deserves A Chance

Today was an utterly 'blah' day. I was busy all day and yet I have the feeling that I didn't get anything done. Nothing important anyway. I doubt that writing a TV review will add to that tally, but I need some fun from time to time ;-)

The Good (Oh, I need to think hard about this one)

  • the case, I guess. It was pretty well thought out with some nice twists and I liked how everyone had a part to play in the crime

The Bad

  • utterly predictable - I knew the father had done it since his first scene

  • no likable characters, except the DCI and I think she was meant not to be likable ;-)

  • why is the always the mentally ill who commit the crimes. Can't we have someone with mental problems who doesn't commit a crime for a change?

The Weird

  • that whole thing with the allotment - what was the point of that? It felt like the obligatory coffee house in a soap opera.

  • the actors - I swear I'd seen the actors playing the couple before and when I saw the credits I realized from where - The Bill

Overall, I didn't like it very much and I don't think I will watch another episode of this show. It failed to draw me in on pretty much all levels. There have been some shows that I'm now very fond of that weren't love at first sight, but at least those showed that there was potential. Here, I saw nothing I hadn't seen before a dozen times.

On the schedule for tomorrow since I'm already making lists:

  • Story editing

  • Finishing the 1st draft of my next assignment

  • Baking a nice vegan cake using the baking mix I bought today

  • avoid getting sucked into any more TV shows and instead start watching more of my backlog

  • start a belated spring cleaning

Tags: maisie raine, to do, tv review

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