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Yesterday - Summary

  • finished my taxes

  • my new juicer arrived, I'm very happy with it and made a delicious red juice (apple + beetroot + melon + peach) for breakfast this morning

  • watched Identity last night, it was very weird (movie review should be coming up later today)

  • did some grocery shopping

  • went running with L, my knees are still sore

  • found out there is a local shop selling vegan ice-cream (made from rice milk apparently), and it's actually very delicious

Doesn't look like much on the face of it, but I'm very happy that I finished with the taxes (for my work in Germany). They can be submitted on-line, but I want to check them over again, just in case I missed something. They are also to blame for the relative lack of fanfic the last two days, they took up much more time than I expected. There may be a BBQ later today, if the weather holds. So far, it's just plain hot ;-)
Tags: food, rl, taxes

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