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Movie Review - Identity (2003)

Well, this one was really, really weird. Pretty good, but weird still.

I started watching the movie without having a clue what it was about, but it seemed to be shaping up to a pretty standard horror flick - a storm traps a bunch of people at a motel and they are killed one by one. No surprises there, really. The only question was who was doing the killing )obviously not the convicted killer!) and who would be left by morning. But then it took a turn for the bizarre...

The Good:

  • The plot itself - it kept me guessing. I got some things mostly right, such as that the cop was actually one of the bad guys (the blood stain on his back without an apparent injury gave that away fairly easily) and that he and Ed would battle it out in the end (which they almost did).

The Bad:

  • The screaming. The blonde woman screamed way too much.

  • Why do people never just stay together in one place in those kinds of movies? They always split up and then the killing starts ;-)

  • It was too obvious that the boy had something to do with it. I couldn't quite figure out what but he was the only one we didn't see at least one of the time a murder was committed. My money initially was on Ed or the cop, but they were together and not murdering when the last people were killed. I knew it couldn't be the would-be-motel-owner or the convicted killer, they were caught too soon.

The Weird (aside from the whole movie and its plot!):

  • There were a number of things that I found somewhat illogical, but since it was all sort of happening inside someone's head, I can't really complain ;-) Hence it's listed in this category.

  • I mean, the little boy wouldn't have had the strength/height necessary to kill an adult this easily with a knife nor would he know how to and be able to booby trap a car with a bomb.

  • The laws of nature didn't work out so well in other parts of the movie as well - the boy would have been knocked over by the force of the explosion (at the very least), the cop didn't have a hole in his shirt as far as I could see, even though he took it off a guy whom he or his accomplice stabbed in the back, and a few other things like that.

  • Can a stiletto heel really pierce a car tyre?

  • And how did the woman's neck get cut when she was hit by a passing car?

All that being sad, I think I need to watch the movie again.
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