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Really Tired, But Can't Sleep

  • The heat today was even worse than yesterday.

  • Between that my hyperthyroidism, I feel like I'm going to keel over any moment.

  • Certainly can't go to bed yet (and can't open the window, my neighbours are sitting on their balcony smoking weed)

  • I handed in my S104 assignment, not sure I'm happy with it.

  • I have two online quizzes in the next two weeks and I still have to prepare for them

  • experimented with making raw chocolate and was pleasantly surprise after some commercial raw chocolate I tried last year was awful

  • A piece of my glasses broke off. I can still wear them, but they are uncomfortable. I need to go see an optician and hope it won't be too expensive to fix

  • I'm still broken up about the closing of I'm going to miss The Bill reruns in the morning!

Tags: health, summer

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