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Review Of The Week Thus Far

  • Monday: Can't really recall a lot happening that day. Started my no-caffeine experiment. Got my assignments back - both 90%. Went to Dr.G with L in the morning and went to work in the afternoon. It was too hot.

  • Tuesday: Big fight with L, but then we both had to work (we work in the same place, but usually not the same hours, but someone else called in sick), so we made up shortly afterward. Work seemed to be doing L good.

  • Wednesday: Had a violent migraine most of the day. It let up a bit towards the afternoon, so I dragged into work. Didn't actually feel too bad that night.

  • Thursday: My already pretty-much-busted sound card gave up the ghost. I ordered an external one from Amazon, it was shipped the same day. Other than that, big drama, L had a huge fight with her best friend G-L. They finally made up shortly before midnight, at which point I could finally go to bed.

  • Friday: Neighbour J got burgled last night! Police was here first thing in the morning. Sound card didn't arrive in the mail. Ended no-caffeine experiment without conclusive results.

Tags: computer, friends, rl, uni

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