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Life is a mixed bag

Went to bed way to late last night. Now I'm tired and sore from running yesterday. After a couple of good days, L is pretty down again. We went to see her GP yesterday, he told her basically to stay home, take it easy and continue taking the medication Dr. G prescribed. I introduced her to EFT last weekend and while she was pretty skeptical at first, she asked me to do some more 'tapping' today. Well, if it helps, I'm all for it, although I mostly get mixed results with the technique. The sound card again didn't arrive in the mail, so I'm still not able to watch videos on my laptop. As for soccer, another one of my housemates was kind enough to move his TV down into the living room for the duration of the games. With that sorted, I have embarked on a number of kitchen projects today. I'm making crackers from flax and pumpkin seed. They don't look very appetizing now, but I hope that once I have dehydrated them, they will turn out edible. I just fear that I might have worn out my trusty blender because it got very hot and started to smell funny at some point when I was making the dough for the flax crackers. I'm now waiting for it to cool down so that I can make the pumpkin seed dough.

I'm now pretty determined to go ahead with my disability claim. My mother send my the forms and a guide booklet on how to fill them out, what records to submit, etc. I will need to talk to at least some of my doctors back home to get the documentation and records I need. The problem is that I have received such a vast number of different diagnoses that I have trouble telling which ones will be best suited for the claim and for which I have the best records backing my claim up. I will see Dr. G. next month before I head to Edinburgh, and plan on asking him what he thinks.
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