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Disjointed Entry (yes, I couldn't come up with a better subject line)

Yay, the soundcard arrived and it is working! Now I can waste my time with videos again ;-)

I'm pretty exhausted today (hence in the perfect mood to waste time in front of the laptop). I had a lot of energy yesterday and consequently did a lot of things. More stuff than I know I should be doing and I went to bed too late because I was watching soccer on TV. I didn't make it to the end of the evening game, I only saw the first half, but I saw all of the other game earlier that day. Probably also a gigantic waste of time, but I did get a good 2000 words written during the two games. I should finish chapter 9 of my story Avenging Angle soon and have it ready to be beta-read.

L is doing much better. She isn't quite back to her usual self, but she is doing stuff again. I'm really, really happy for her.

I should get some stuff in town later today. I was going to go with L when she has her piano lesson tonight, but I'm pretty tired already. Maybe if I take a nap, I'll feel better and might even work up the energy to go to the gym or for a run if it stops raining at some point today. I need to do more yoga, not just run. Running makes me feel good, as does yoga, but it feels different and I miss that a bit. I wonder if I should take a real class...But I wouldn't know where. Must find out about that.

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