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Edinburgh - Arrived and Waiting

Arrived early this morning. First order of business was to procure breakfast (easy, plus I stocked up on diet coke aka nectar of the gods), then I set out to find a place to access to 'net.

That proved to a bit more tricky. There are several listed in my travel guide, but the first was too expensive, the second I had some trouble finding, but that's where I am right now. You sure have been busy posting since yesterday!

AS for first impressions, it's much colder here than I expected. Hope it warms up during the week because otherwise I'm going to be wearing lots and lots of layers ;-)

I have to be at the university early afternoon, so I'll still have to find something for lunch in town and figure out from where the bus leaves. All the booklet I got says 'from city centre' which isn't too helpful.
Tags: edinburgh, s104, sxr103

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