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Edinburgh - It's going to be a very, very long week

First of all, I have internet, obviously. Plus, all the activities this evening are optional, so I have a bit of time to myself.

It is a bit exhausting and difficult for me to interact with people all the time. I should do some work for S342, but I need some time to unwind first. These long days are really hard for me. We were in the lab all day today, working on an activity titled Rocks and Radioactivity. It was pretty easy, especially the morning session, although it seemed to pass a lot more slowly than the afternoon session. We (my lab partner Debbie and I) got nowhere near done with plotting all the graphs or taking all the measurements for that matter, but I don't think that's so important (for passing the course). I will try and fill in a couple of blanks tonight and have a read through the activity for tomorrow.

It's still rainy and cold. There is a field trip to the coast later this week and I hope that the weather improves by then. The people doing that today came back absolutely drenched. I wouldn't mind the rain so much if the walks between the halls of residence and the teaching labs weren't so far. The breaks for lunch and dinner barely leave enough time to eat, let alone eat and walk back and forth. But all in all, it could be worse. I've had some trouble keeping focused during the afternoon session, but I'm doing okay, I think. But I can't believe that it is only Sunday and that it's going to go on like this for another week! I'm going to be so shattered when this is over.
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