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Edinburgh: Field Trip

Today was the (much dreaded) field trip. We went to a place called Aberdour (about 45min from Edinburgh). There we inspected, identified and later counted different species of lichen.

It was about as interesting as it sounds. At least it wasn't raining, although it was was only 14°C and pretty windy. :-/

There was a beach nearby and we did get a lot of odd looks from the locals as we were clambering about the rocks with our clipboards and hard hats! In the afternoon we moved to a second site called Kinghorn, also at the coast. There were had a look at rock formation and learned to identify various types of rock. All in all, we spent about nine hours in the field today, plus another hour of debriefing in the evening.

I'm feeling pretty exhausted from it all. Tomorrow we'll be in the biology lab, examining the effects of radiation on plants.
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