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A real update?!

So now that I've posted my TMA and gotten through my monthly appt. with Dr. G, I deserve a free afternoon *nods* And what else to do with a fee afternoon than hang out on the 'net and watch DVD? ;-)

  • A minor/major search for my missing glasses (which after almost two weeks have turned up yesterday), led me to start a definitely major effort to declutter my place and sell various items on ebay. So far I'm not having a lot of luck with that - no one seems to be interested in my rather obscure books about theology, DVDs with only Japanese audio or a minidisc player (I used to be very into minidisc until I finally got fed up with having boxes full of discs and bought an ipod)

  • TV show wise, not much is going on. I have rediscovered my love for Profiler as I recently managed to buy DVDs for all four seasons with French audio at a seriously good price. On the other hand, I'm seriously not caring about SGA at the moment. I haven't seen any episodes of the last season yet, let alone any of this. Haven't even d/l-ed them which is really unusual for me :-/

  • Have been reading some Profiler fic as well, although most of the stories I've got saved pretty much suck (but they are entertaining anyways). I already have several plot bunnies, but I've got a ton of other stories to finish.

  • Speaking of fanfic, I'm almost done with Threads Of A Life, but I have only edited and posted the first couple of chapters so far. Must get on with that.

  • One of my housemates is moving this month, the other, that would be L, is doing some renovating. It's been going on for about a week and I can't wait until she's done. Unfortunately, when she packed up everything into boxes so that she could repaint the walls, she managed to bury the cable for my digital camera as well. Now I can't recharge the battery. I hardly ever need the thing, but I have been taking pictures of the stuff I want to sell so that I can list it on ebay.

  • There will be some med dosage changes which will probably make me pretty cranky and possible sleepless in the near future, but if it all works out, I should be able to get rid of one of my meds in the next couple of weeks. With any luck, that will leave me less exhausted and tired than I'm at the moment.

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