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Somehow when my computer crashed just now, all the cookies seem to have dissaperaed. Not good, hell, how am I supposed to remember all those passwords?
-> Note to self: It is not a good idea to burn a CD while encoding a video. It least not on this semi-dinosaure (spelling?) of a computer.

Just finsihed with the cutting of the last bit of the overload dailies. Quality really is bad for the size, so I'm going to try another compression now. Flask might do the trick, unless I get hickups in the sound again. Now I know why Stefan can spend an entire week-end tweaking around with one movie. On that note: he won "liberty stands still" race. We were racing who would be the first to manage to make a divx files with correct angles in all scenes and no repeats. He did it last night. Already send me the download links for the files. Hopefully it doesn't nuture his already more than slightly overblown ego even more. But it was fun. I guess neither of us has a life.

Wanted to downlaod a song and found out that WinMX is gone from my computer. How did this happen?

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