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The day started off a lot better than this

That quiz today didn't go very well. I had no clue. I have no idea why, since I did actually read the book pretty thoroughly (shocking, I know!). But maybe it's because it's geology again. I have never been able to make much sense of the subject.I finished a fairly advanced geology course last year, which I passed, I might add, but I still can't answer basic questions relating to the subject. It was the same with the field trip in Scotland - we were looking at all those rock formation, just I didn't have a clue as to what we were supposed to be seeing. But well, it's done now and the next block of the course covers astronomy, which already interests me a good deal more than rocks ever did. The assignment for that is due on the 27th, but I have yet to cover the material. It is time that I get cracking with that.

Other than that, I did some actual paid work today (which is always a good thing) and it went over well and wasn't even as exhausting as I thought it would be. L is going on vacation tomorrow, because she and her friends realized that they might need more than twenty minutes to pack their bags. But still, I'll be surprised to see her actually leaving, with all the drama that we already had about that trip :-/

Orkos, my fruit and veggie grocer hasn't sent me a confirmation or bill for tomorrow's delivery yet, which makes me a bit anxious about it actually getting here. They sometimes seem to forget to email their customers, but email or no email, I'm out of food. I finished off the last mango and banana today and had thawed raspberries for dinner. My 'cooking' really sucks since I usually can't be bothered to actually cook anything. I did buy some vegan fudge last week which will probably last through tomorrow, but after that I need to do some shopping. I'm out of the nectar of the gods (aka diet pepsi) anyways, and that I really need.

But yeah, I'm done for today. Now I can grab a shower and watch some of the Olympic coverage I downloaded earlier.
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