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Yay, I got paid!

And guess what, L immediately borrowed some in order to top-up her mobile. Great. I don't suppose I'll be seeing that money again any time soon. I'm not sure why she had to borrow from me, since we work in the same place and get paid the same day. Plus, she probably logged way more hours than I did. But I guess it is none of my business what she does with her money...

She left on vacation after all today, after a lot of both of us out over all kinds of things. She does not subscribe to my packing philosophy which is basically 'take less stuff and more money than you'll think you need' ;-)

But speaking of money, so far my decluttering/selling operation is going pretty well. A lot of people have paid me via paypal instead of wire transfer, so I shipped two parcels yesterday and ten today. I'll need to do a couple more tomorrow, but I'm not sure I have enough fitting boxes. So far I have been recycling boxes and that seems to have worked fairly well. No one's complained (yet). There was this one guy last week, but everything turned out fine with him in the end. Let's hope it stays that way. I don't really need any more aggravation.
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