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If you aren't doing anything, you aren't going to make any mistakes

Sadly I did not keep that in mind when I finally decided to clean out the piping underneath the sink. The thing had been clogged for days, but no one wanted to clean it up, but now it's the weekend and everyone was fed up with. Unfortunately neither L nor I thought to make a drawing of how the setup, so after I had cleaned the thing, I couldn't put it back together. It simply wouldn't fit (and still doesn't!).

So, for the moment, we have no working kitchen sink. Not that I care very much at the moment. I'm exhausted from all the work and aggravation :-/ Safe to say that everyone is even more pissed off now then they were before. S is going to try and put it back together when he gets home tonight.

Also, I'm not happy because I somehow managed to delete half a chapter of my latest fanfic endeavour, Running Current. Bah!

But on the plus side, I made a 89% on the last S342 assignment. I have no idea how, but I'm more than satisfied :-)

I want to list more stuff on ebay and do tons of other things, but once again, I'm simply too tired (and when I'm not lazing around, I'm studying, working or writing fic). Now, either bed or Olympics.
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